Aerospace Systems Research Group (ASReG)


Laboratory-scale test facility

A laboratory-scale test facility was developed by undergraduate students in 2010 with the purpose of testing lab-scale hybrid motors

A new permanent laboratory-scale test facility is currently under development. 

Mobile Rocket Launch Platform (MRLP)

The Mobile Rocket Launch Platform (MRLP) was designed and manufactured by undergraduate students in 2011. It consists of all the required electrical and mechanical Ground Support Equipment (GSE), including a launch gantry, for static and flight tests of hybrid sounding rockets. For mobility purposes, a custom-built trailer forms the base structure of the MRLP. 

In the launch configuration, the triangular truss launch gantry is raised into position using an electrical winch attached at its base, and locked into position by a linearly translating support arm situated underneath the tower. The MRLP has a 60° to 90° launch angle range and a 7 m long rail attached to the gantry. The ground support equipment (GSE) consists of a generator, an air compressor, the nitrous oxide and helium supply tanks, and the propellant filling system (PFS). These components and systems provide the means to control the filling procedure of the oxidiser tank. The air compressor and generator are used to operate a series of mechanical hardware placed on the MRLP. 

The Phoenix-1A was static tested and launched from the MRLP in August 2014.