Phoenix-1B Hybrid Sounding Rocket


The Phoenix-1B was developed as a workhorse hybrid sounding rocket to provide a reliable launch system for ongoing research into hybrid propulsion technology. It was designed to be modular, less expensive and easier to manufacture to aid this goal. The vehicle was designed to meet an apogee of 16 km with 5 kN of thrust at a burn time of 18 s. It will utilise a nitrous oxide and paraffin wax propellant combination. It has an aluminium 6061-T6 oxidiser tank and combustion chamber with a glass fibre nosecone and fin can. 

Technical Specifications

Fuel: SASOL 0907 paraffin wax
Oxidiser: Nitrous oxide
Design O/F ratio: 6.8
Motor design thrust: 5000 N
Total impulse: 69000 Ns
Vacuum specific impulse: 252 s
Burn time: 18 s
Design apogee: 17.2 km
Lift-off mass: 70 kg
Payload: 1 kg
Diameter: 0.164 m
Length: 4.224 m

Nozzle Design

The Phoenix-1B nozzle went through a rigorous design process in response to structural problems encountered with the Phoenix-1A nozzle. It was designed to withstand the increased combustion temperatures and nozzle erosion for 40% aluminium loading via thermos-structural analysis. It consists of silica phenolic convergent and divergent sections, a graphite throat and a steel retaining structure. The fabrication of the nozzle was undertaken in collaboration with RDM in the Western Cape.



Cold flow test:

Hot-fire test:

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