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  • Bernard Geneviéve (2013) | Design of a Hybrid Sounding Rocket Motor

  • Seffat Chowdhury (2013) | Simulation of a Hybrid Sounding Rocket

  • Matthew Page (2013) | Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Loop Heat Pipe for Terrestrial Thermal Management Applications

  • Sven du Clou (2013) | A Semi-Passive Thermal Management System for Terrestrial and Space Applications

  • Fiona Leverone (2014) | The Design and Performance Simulation of a 100 km Apogee Hybrid Sounding Rocket

  • Jonathan Smyth (2014) | Design of Kerosene Turbopump for a Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engine

  • Luke Philogene (2015) | Development of a Universal Impeller Test Rig

  • Matthew Richings (2015) | The Prediction of Cavitation in High Speed Centrifugal Pumps

  • Udil Balmogim (2017) | Design and development of the Phoenix-1B hybrid rocket

  • Creason Chetty (2018) | The design and hydrodynamic analysis of a novel kerosene electro-pump for a modular liquid rocket engine

  • Nalendran Singh (2018) | The hydrodynamic design and analysis of a liquid oxygen pump impeller for a rocket engine

  • Chikhar Maharaj (2018) | Performance Characterisation of Metal Additives in Paraffin Wax Hybrid Rocket Fuel Grains

  • Raisa Theba (2018) | An Investigation of Regression Rate in Paraffin-Based Hybrid Rocket Fuel Grains

  • Timothy Velthuysen (2018) | Closed loop throttle control of a hybrid rocket motor

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